What's Up With Water?
Monday, February 23, 2009 | Author: eventer79
You'll hear me talk a lot about water -- things that influence it, creatures that live in it, how we depend on it, how we hurt it. And you may wonder why; "Is she just really thirsty? Did her mother give birth in a lake? Is she part fish?" Well, ok, I am a bit thirsty right now, but in truth, water is not only a part of us, it is a formative force in our lives and without it, we literally could not exist. For the next few days, I will be away at a conference, but I will leave you with these words from my favourite naturalist, William Beebe, to ponder. He transcribed his thoughts in 1934 after reaching record oceanic depths in his explorations of life at ALL elevations.

"One thing we cannot escape--forever afterward, throughout all our life, the memory of the magic of water and its life, of the home which was once our own--this will never leave us."
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On February 26, 2009 at 11:58 AM , lifeshighway said...

Not part fish, but more like a salamander. Oh do an entry on salamanders, I love 'em.